What is leg slimming aesthetics?

Regional leg fat, which resists intense sports and diet programs for the purpose of melting the upper leg or lower leg, can be treated aesthetically with the liposuction method. Liposuction, which is applied for leg slimming, can be performed for lower leg or upper leg slimming according to the problem area with fat accumulation.




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Are you a suitable candidate for leg slimming aesthetics?

Leg slimming aesthetics can be applied to any individual over the age of 18 who has thick legs and suffers from this condition. Especially people who have gait disorders due to the presence of thick legs are suitable candidates for this operation. However, as in every operation, it is possible to decide in the healthiest way after the examination between the surgeon and the patient that the person will not be suitable for leg slimming aesthetics.


Pre-op process

Alcohol and cigarette use should be terminated at least 3 weeks before the surgery date, as in all other surgeries, in order to accelerate the postoperative recovery process and to minimize the surgical risks. Before the operation, the use of blood thinners and aspirin should be discontinued.


Surgery Process

The areas where liposuction is planned are marked before the procedure can be done in the right places. Then, a solution containing local anesthetic is injected into the relevant areas, which dissolves the fat and also provides regional numbness.

In leg aesthetic surgery with liposuction (Vaser, Laser, Lipomatic), first the fat tissue is liquefied with sound waves of a special frequency, and then the liquefied fat tissue is removed from the environment with very thin cannulas. The important point here is that during all these procedures, since the surrounding tissue, vessels and      lymphatic duct are maximally protected, less edema and faster recovery are expected.


Post-op Process

A rapid recovery process takes place after leg slimming surgery with Vaser Liposuction. In the first few weeks, edema in the legs resolves quickly. It is recommended to wear a tights-shaped corset for about 3 weeks after the leg slimming surgery (after the leg aesthetic surgery). This corset is used to limit edema and contribute to the rapid shaping of the legs. It is possible to return to desk work after approximately 7-10 days after leg slimming surgery.

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