If you want to discover the unique beauties of Mersin before or after your surgery, this guide will help you. Spread over a very wide geography, Mersin is one of the most important cities in terms of history, culture and natural beauties to be seen. Here are the several places to visit in Mersin. You should review this article about Mersin before your visit.


Gilindire Cave

The cave is located in a beautiful environment, on a far-stretching mountainous shore. The entrance is actually in the side of the cliffs, with a staircase leading way down to the mouth of the cave. Inside, a deep and breathtaking scenery awaits, with an untouched and majestic lake at the bottom.

Marina Mersin

Marina Mersin is a great place where you can combine shopping with eating. The view is relaxing and there is a big variety of shops.


Ancient City of Dioceses-Olba

This site is located at Uzuncaburc village, about 1/2 an hour from Silifke or Kizkalesi. Situated at the foot of the Taurus Mountains (a chain which runs across southern Turkey), Olba was an important city in the Roman province of Isauria. It is located in the present day province of Mersin, one of the easternmost of the provinces in Turkey’s Mediterranean (southern) region. The ruins you will see are approximately 2,000 years old. Olba is included in the Catholic Church’s list of “dead diocese”.


Narlıkuyu is a part of ancient Roman Cilicia. It is 21 km eastbound of Silifke and 77 km westbound of Mersin. You can visit the small mosaic museum and Heaven and Hell chasms (Cennet-Cehennem) and the Astim Cave, as well, all located very near each other. Don’t forget to have a lunch or dinner.


Astim Cave

Astim Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Mersin. The name of the cave comes from the belief that it is good for asthma patients. The cave is reached by a spiral staircase with 78 steps.

As soon as you land, the cool and humid air hits your face and you feel that you have come to a different world. The giant stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave are impressively beautiful. The depth of the cave, which consists of 3 sections, is 15 meters and its length is 200 meters. Visitors can wander around the cave by following a circular path.We recommend that those who will visit the cave pay attention to the slippery floor.

Kızkalesi (Maiden Castle)

Findings in the necropolis inform us that the city of Corycus dates back the 4th century BC, in the 1st century they minted coinage here. The nearby castle of Kızkalesi Ghorgos was built on an island offshore in the 12th century.

According to the legend of Kızkalesi, a fortune teller informs the king that his beautiful daughter will be poisoned by a snake. He adds that even the king is unable to change her fate. Shocked by the fortune teller’s words, the king tries to save the princess by building a castle on an island where no snakes live. He sends his daughter to live in the castle. But a snake hides in a grape basket sent from the mainland and poisons the princess.


Kisecik Canyon (Hidden Heaven)

Kisecik Canyon (Hidden Heaven) is a perfect canyon on the Tarsus Stream. It is also known as Sarıkavak Canyon. This canyon offers its visitors an impressive experience alone with nature. The clarity of this stream, whose deepest point is 16 meters deep, will fascinate you. You can cross this 300-meter-long canyon either by swimming or by raft. This canyon, which we recommend to visit especially in the spring and summer months, will be an unforgettable discovery for nature lovers.

Eshab-ı Kehf Cave

Eshab-ı Kehf Cave is located 12 kilometers north of Tarsus, in the village of Dedeler, at the foot of Mount Enculus. It is also known as the “Cave of the Seven Sleepers”. According to various beliefs, this place is considered a holy place. The cave is reached by 15-20 stairs. It is 300 square meters and 10 meters high. There are 3 tunnels inside the cave.


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