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What is Spring Thread?

The Spring Thread procedure, a non-surgical face lift (face suspension lift) procedure, involves stretching the skin with flexible polyester threads coated with silicone, which has been developed in France.

Are you a suitable candidate for Spring Thread?

The Spring Thread procedure performed on people who are not satisfied with their facial contours and those who have sagging and wrinkled skin surface, is also a therapeutic procedure that can be performed on patients who have suffered partial facial paralysis. For this reason, it can be easily said that anyone who is not satisfied with his/her facial features due to sagging and wrinkled skin can be a suitable candidate for this procedure. Since threads used in this procedure are biologically compatible with the human body, they can stay under the skin for years.

In which regions can the spring thread procedure be performed?

Spring thread can be performed for the cheeks, cheekbones, under-chin region, oval parts of the face, eyebrows and neck region.

Post-Treatment Period

After undergoing the face suspension procedure, the patient can return to his/her daily life within 24 hours. The patient may have slight bruising and swelling and mild pain after the procedure. This condition can be improved by applying ice compresses and using simple pain killers. The mouth should not be opened too much, and excessive facial expressions should be avoided in the first 7-10 postoperative days.

For a period of 3 weeks after the procedure, the patient should not lie face down and should not rub his/her face. The complete effect appears 2 to 3 months after the procedure. The suspension technique is a therapeutic solution that corrects sagging skin and reduces wrinkles. However, since aging is a natural reaction of our body, this procedure has no ability to stop the aging process completely.

With the suspension technique, the sagging areas are lifted and the face is tightened. After the spring thread procedure, the rejuvenation achieved in the skin can be noticed immediately. However, it takes 1 week for the threads to get fully integrated with the skin, and 2-3 months for them to work integrated with the face.

What are the advantages of the Spring Thread treatment?

The suspension threads reduce the deep lines and restore the sagging because they are applied in harmony with the facial expressions, without disturbing the natural appearance, in such a way as to ensure that they cannot be noticed when viewed from the outside. The procedure eliminates the appearance that makes the person unhappy. Since it is performed under local anesthesia and without sutures in a comfortable and painless way, you can return to your social life immediately without staying in the hospital. It carries almost no risk of nasal infection.

In addition to all these, it is extremely effective in treating sagging skin caused by gravity, by applying an upward force through the suspension effect.

Spring Thread Prices

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Spring Thread in Turkey

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