What does the breast lift procedure involve?

Three basic process are performed during this surgical procedure:
– The nipples are repositioned in the place where they should be
– The breast tissue is reshaped
– Excess skin is removed.

Who are the candidates for breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is performed on those who have structurally saggy breasts, those who have deflated saggy breasts due to childbirth and breastfeeding, and those who have saggy breasts due to excessive weight loss or aging. This procedure can also be performed on patients with “Tubular Breast Deformity”, also known as “Goat Breast”.

At what ages is breast lift operations performed?

Breast lift surgery is mostly performed on middle-aged patients who have given birth. However, it can also be performed on very young patients if their breasts are structurally saggy. In particular, this surgical procedure can be performed at very early ages for patients with “Tubular Breast Deformity”. As with all aesthetic procedures, the breast lift procedure is not performed on patients under 18 years of age, unless there is a special condition. If the patient plans to get pregnant at a later date, we recommend her to postpone the operation.

Is only the breast lift procedure sufficient?

If the size of the breast tissue is adequate, the breast lift procedure alone can be sufficient. For those with large and sagging breasts, the breast reduction procedure is often performed in addition to the breast augmentation procedure. This enables the breast to maintain its upright appearance for a longer period of time.
In patients who have lost breast tissue after childbirth and weight loss, it may be necessary to augment the breasts with silicone implants in addition to the lifting procedure. In this way, we can achieve a more upright and fuller breast image.

How long does a breast lift operation takes?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, in an operation room.
Breast lift surgery may take 1 to 3 hours depending on the technique used and the size of the breast.

What are the points to take into consideration before and after surgery?

All patients should have a mammogram/breast USG before breast lift surgery. Preoperative radiological images are of great importance in terms of the subsequent follow-ups. After the first postoperative year, the mammography/breast USG is repeated.
As with all surgical procedures, blood thinners and smoking should be stopped 3 weeks before the breast lift operation.

Are breast lift operations painful?

There is a mild pain when the breast lift is performed alone or in conjunction with breast reduction. These mild pains can be controlled with simple painkillers in the first few postoperative days.
In patients who have a breast silicone placement operation in conjunction breast lift, a painful period similar to that of breast augmentation is experienced if the implants have been placed under the muscle. Patients go through this period by taking strong painkillers for the first 3 days. In the breast lift procedure, usually smaller silicones implants are used and they are placed on the muscle.

Does breast lift surgery leave any scar?

Depending on the degree of breast sagging, breast lift operations may leave scars around the nipples and under the breasts. These scars become indistinct and hardly noticeable in the course of time.

The technique that we use most often in our clinic for breast lift is the “Vertical Mastopexy” technique.
With this technique, the operation leaves smaller scars and gives better aesthetic results.

The best advantage of breast lift surgery is that the scars are never located in the cleavage area. They are on the inframammary fold. To minimize the problems, it would be appropriate to have your breast lift surgery performed by an aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been specialized in the field.

Does breast lift surgery affect breastfeeding?

The risk of inability to breastfeed in those who have had breast lift surgery is lower than those who have had breast reduction surgery. It can be said that their lactation rates are not different from that of other women.

Does breast lift operations cause loss of sensation?

Temporary loss of sensation may occur after breast lift operations. Permanent loss of feeling is not expected much. A few months after the operation, the nipples regain their sensitivity.

What are experienced after a breast lift operation?

Patients can eat and stand up three hours after the operation. There is a small dressing at the incision sites of the patient. Patients can take a bath two days after the operation. After three days, they can be admitted to the clinic for control examination, and then they can return to work, start their normal daily activities, and can even drive a car.

In the first 3 postoperative weeks, they should avoid exercises other than walking. Again, a sports bra should be worn day and night for the first 3 postoperative weeks. After the third week, they can do all sports activities other than those which move the arms and breasts. After the sixth week, all kinds of sports activities can be done freely.

In the first 3 postoperative weeks of breast lift surgery, the breasts are higher and upright than normal, and they don’t look normal. After the 3rd postoperative week, the appearance of the breasts starts returning to normal, and the breasts begin to descend to their normal positions. The breasts take their final shape in the 3rd postoperative month. Unless there is a special situation, the subsequent examinations are performed at the end of the 3rd week, 3rd month, 6th month and 12th month. It is recommended to get a control examination with mammography/USG one year after surgery.

Is breast lift surgery related to breast cancer?

Breast lift surgery is not related to breast cancer in any respect. When it is performed in conjunction with breast reduction, the risk of breast cancer is significantly reduced. In addition, sending the removed parts to the laboratory for pathological tests provides important information in terms of patient follow-ups. Patients whose breast list operations have involved the use of silicone implants are not at higher risk of getting cancer.

Is the result of breast lift surgery permanent?

With breast lift surgery, the breast tissue and nipple are repositioned in a higher and aesthetic position. After this surgical procedure, the breasts gain a younger appearance.
The results of breast lift surgery are highly permanent. However, deformation of the breasts may recur due to the natural aging process, pregnancy/breastfeeding and weight gain or loss. However, patients never return to their state before the operation.

Breast Tightening and Breast lift (Mastopexy) Prices

The prices of breast tightening and breast lift operations vary depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure, the clinical environment where the operation will be done, and the quality of the materials that will be used in the operation. You can call our clinic to get detailed information and  make an appointment.

Breast Tightening and Breast Lift in Turkey

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