What is breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry refers to a condition, where the appearances and structures of the two breasts are different from each other, due to the unequal development of the two breasts in terms of size, shape and fullness. In general, it is a very common, almost normal condition for women to have unequal breasts or breasts slightly different from each other, but an increase in this difference in the developmental process causes visual problems that leads to self-confidence problems and stress in women. However, with the techniques developed in the field of aesthetic surgery in recent years make it possible to permanently correct asymmetry problems in the breasts, except for some cases.

What are the causes of breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry can be caused by more than one reason. However, the most common causes of breast asymmetry include conditions where one of the breasts gets larger or smaller than the other in the developmental process, age, pregnancy, post-lactation period, genetic factors, injuries, surgical procedures performed on one of the breasts due to various diseases such as cancer, displacement of silicone implants after a silicone implant placement performed for aesthetic purposes, excessive weight gain or loss, etc.

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How is a breast asymmetry correction surgery performed?

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and takes 2 to 4 hours on average. The patient stays in the hospital overnight, and can be discharged the next day.

Breast asymmetry problems may differ from woman to woman, and each case requires selecting a suitable technique among a variety of techniques, based on these differences. If one of the patient’s breasts is of normal size while the other is larger, the larger one is reduced to eliminate the breast asymmetry. If one of the patient’s breasts is of normal size while the other is smaller, the smaller one is augmented with fat injection or silicone implant placement to achieve equality. If the larger breast is also a saggy, the breast lift procedure is performed to achieve a normal and equal appearance.

In some cases, one of the breasts in women does not show development as a congenital problem. In such a case, breast tissue is formed with skin, fat and muscle tissue transfers. In such cases, skin and muscle grafts that will be used as a breast case are taken from the patient’s own body (from the abdominal region, side of the waist or buttocks), and they are transferred to the chest area, and the operation is completed by supporting the lower part of the breast with the help of a silicone implant.

Am I a suitable candidate for a breast asymmetry correction surgery?

Patients with a significant difference between their two breast sizes to an extent that requires surgical intervention should wait until the completion of their breast development, that is, until the end of their adolescence period. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the surgical operation on women over 18 years of age.

Does a breast asymmetry correction surgery leave a scar?

Although differs from one person to person, breast asymmetry operations leave a very slight surgical scar in early postoperative periods, which may become invisible over time by taking the normal skin color. In breast asymmetry surgery, whether or not a scar will remain also depends on the surgical technique to be used by the physician, the type and size of the incision, and other procedures to be performed during the surgery.

How is the preoperative period of breast asymmetry surgery?

In the first postoperative evaluation, the physician together with the patient makes the detailed planning of the surgical procedures, in line with the patient’s expectation and what should be done to solve the problem that causes the breast asymmetry. Then, that physician may request some tests, depending on the age and general health status of the patient (certain blood tests, breast ultrasonography in patients under 40 years of age, or mammography in patients over 40 years of age). 

If the patient takes any drug on a regular basis, she should definitely inform the physician about it, and should avoid taking blood thinners such as aspirin or derivatives on the day of surgery.  Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the patient should not eat and drink at least 6 hours before the operation.

How is the postoperative period of breast asymmetry surgery?

The postoperative recovery period is generally similar to the recovery period of other breast surgeries performed for aesthetic purposes. A 1-night hospital stay is required after surgery. The dressings are removed about after the first postoperative week. Patients are recommended to wear a flexible and comfortable sports bra for enabling the breasts to enter a rapid healing process and gain form. In all patients, swelling and redness that appear after the surgery usually resolves and disappear within a few days, and patients can return to their social life within a few days.

The most important thing to pay attention is to stay away from heavy movements and sports for the first three postoperative months, and not to lie face-down for the period prescribed by the physician, as it may damage the breast tissue and the results of the procedures performed during the surgery.

Does breast asymmetry recur after surgery?

Normally, the procedures performed during breast asymmetry surgery give permanent results and their repetition is not expected. However, the breast asymmetry may develop again in pregnancy and breastfeeding periods, in cases of excessive weight gain and loss, and in some unpredictable situations.

Does the breastfeeding cause asymmetry in the breasts?

During pregnancy, the breasts undergo changes, such the feeling of fullness as a result of the development of milk ducts, green veins that become more prominent, darkening and enlargement of the nipple area, which are the changes making the breasts ready for the breastfeeding period. In all women, the breasts definitely change after the lactation period, but mostly not to an extent that they look unsightly.

Choosing the right type of bra during the lactation period, using the right breastfeeding techniques, massaging both breasts and doing the right care minimize the change. Recent studies in particular revealed that breastfeeding does not increase breast sagging. However, the extent of changes observed in the breasts after the lactation period may differ depending on the body and genetic structure of each woman. With breast asymmetry surgery, asymmetries caused by breastfeeding can be corrected permanently.

Does breast asymmetry lead to other health problems?

Asymmetries in the breasts lead to psychological stress rather than metabolic and physiological health problem in women. This causes women to suffer from confidence problems. Different breast sizes that can be noticed under the clothes cause women to feel uncomfortable and lack of self-confidence.

Breast asymmetry correction prices

Prices for surgical breast asymmetry correction differ depending on the problem that causes the asymmetry and the correction technique to be used in the surgery. You can get information about breast asymmetry correction prices by calling our clinic or visiting us.

Breast Asymmetry in Turkey

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