Why do women want to have breast augmentation surgery?

Women need this surgical procedure for various reasons;
1-For the treatment of the decrease in the breast volume after pregnancy,
2-For the treatment intended to eliminate the volumetric difference between breasts,
3-For breast reconstruction after cancer surgery

What is a breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation operations are intended to not only augment but also reshape the breasts. Besides the patient’s desires, there are also certain factors to take into consideration in the selection of the implant, such as the patient’s body structure, condition of her thoracic cage, and skin structure. New-generation breast implants offer a wide range of options. There used to be only one type of breast implant with the same volume, but now many types of implants with the same volume but in different shapes and sizes are produced. As a result, it is possible to find a silicone implant suitable for any body structure.

At what age should breast augmentation surgeries be performed?

Breast augmentation operations are generally preferred by young and middle-aged patients. As a rule, the procedure is performed after the full development of the breasts. Except for special cases, implant placement surgery is not performed before 18 years of age. Breast implant placement can be performed after 18 years of age, if the breast growth has been completed.

woman having breast augmentation surgery

What types of implants are used in breast augmentation operations?

Usually silicone implants are used in breast augmentation operations. As different from the first generation silicone implants, the new generation silicone implants used today do not cause unwanted conditions such as bursts, leakages, etc. and their manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty against such problems.

The most important features of the new generation implants, which make them advantageous, can be listed as follows: They contain a cohesive gel, i.e. a gel with low fluidity; their surfaces are rough; they are available in two shapes as teardrop or round, and they can maintain their original shape while they are in the body.

Is a breast implant placed under or over the muscle?

Breast Augmentation Surgery is performed by placing the silicone (breast implant) under the breast tissue (submammary), under the pectoral muscle (subpectoral), under both the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue, or in the region under the muscle membrane. In breast augmentation, breast size, shape and sagging (to a certain extent) are intervened.

Which incision technique is used in breast augmentation surgery?

Breast Augmentation Surgery is performed by making incisions from several regions. These regions can be listed as follows:
1- The fold where the breast meets the anterior thoracic wall
2- The border between the brown area (areola) around the nipple and the breast tissue.
3- Underarm (axillary region)

What are the sizes of breast implants?

In breast augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon should decide on the final shape and size of the breast, by talking with the patient. Since breast implants create a diameter when they are placed on the chest wall, and since that diameter increases as the volume of the implants increases, the dimensions of the patient’s anterior chest wall are also important in implant selection.

In addition, the patient’s existing breast tissue has an effect on the result, as well.
Thanks to the BOBO VR Z4 virtual reality glasses, which is available only in our clinic in Mersin and even in few medical centers in Turkey, you can see how you will look with the silicone breast implant, and you can know the appearance suitable for you before the operation.

How long does a Breast Augmentation operation take?

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

What kind of scars does breast augmentation surgery leave a on my body? Are the surgical scars that it leaves visually disturbing?

Every surgical operation leaves a scar on the body. However, breast augmentation is one of the surgical procedures that leave minimum scar. A 4-5 cm incision is made for the placement of the implant. In addition, we, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, prefer to place breast implants through incisions made in areas where scars are less noticeable, such as the inframammary fold, armpits or areola. In the long term, all surgical scars become hardly noticeable and do not disturb patients. However, scar problems may rarely be experienced by patients, whose scars remain noticeable due to the characteristics of their skin.

Does breast augmentation surgery have any side effects?

After breast augmentation surgery, patients feel some pain of varying severity, depending on the location of the implant. The severity of the pain can vary from person to person. However, strong painkillers that have long lasting effect are used in the surgery to minimize this pain. Thanks to these painkillers, the patient does not feel severe pain when she wakes up.

The next day, the pain is felt more severely but remains at a bearable level, and can be controlled with painkillers. In addition, edema that lasts for about 5 to 7 days can be observed. In the following days, the patient feels pressure rather than pain. The pressure can be felt for the first 3 postoperative weeks, depending on the size of the silicone implant and the tightness of the patient’s skin.

Is it necessary to remove the silicone implant after getting pregnant?

Neither the mother nor the baby is affected by the silicone implant during the pregnancy and lactation periods. However, breasts may sag after pregnancy. In such cases, the breast lifting procedure can be performed after the completion of the breastfeeding process.

Can the patient breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery?

Studies show that breast augmentation procedures have no effect on breastfeeding.

Is it necessary to change silicone breast implants?

In the past, silicones had to be replaced within 8-10 years. However, this is not the case for the new generation silicones that have been used in recent years. These silicone implants can be used for a lifetime. They very rarely cause problems and their replacement is possible when required. Some silicone implant manufacturers give implant replacement guarantee for cases when any problem arises from the silicone.

When can patients return to work after breast augmentation surgery?

Patients can eat and stand up three hours after the operation. Usually, A 1-night hospital stay is needed. A small dressing is applied to the incision site of the patient. Patients can take a bath two days after the operation. After three days, they can be admitted to the clinic for control examination, and then they can return to work, start their normal daily activities, and can even drive a car.

In the first 3 postoperative weeks, they should avoid exercises other than walking. It is recommended to wear a sports bra day and night for the first 3 postoperative weeks. After the third week, they can do all sports activities other than those which move the arms and breasts. After the sixth week, all kinds of sports activities can be done freely.

Implants stay in a higher position than normal for the first 3 postoperative weeks and then they begin to look natural. After the third week, they begin to get softer and descend to their normal positions. The breasts take their final shape in the 3rd postoperative month. Unless there is a special situation, the subsequent examinations are performed at the end of the 3rd week, 3rd month, 6th month and 12th month. One year after surgery, control examination is performed with mammography/USG.

Do breast augmentation surgeries cause any loss of sensation?

In some cases, temporary loss of sensation or hypersensitivity can be experienced in the nipples. These problems completely resolve within a few months. Permanent loss of sensation is quite rare. The most important cause of such loss of sensation is the use of excessively big implants. Patients with capsular contracture may experience loss of sensation and pain, as well.

Do breast implants cause breast cancer?

In multicenter studies, no such a finding has been found. In terms of the incidence of breast cancer, no difference has been found between women with normal breast and women who have had breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Prices

The price of breast augmentation operations vary depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure, the clinical environment where the operation will be done, and the quality of the materials that will be used in the operation. You can call our clinic to get detailed information and  make an appointment.

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Turkey offers you a fascinating experience with its thousands of years of history, unique nature and delicious food and beverages. For breast augmentation in Turkey, please check our health tourism page and see how easy & fast the processes can be. You can also check out our page about places to visit in Mersin.