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About Genital Aesthetics

Time flies quickly and we often miss the moment. Women, by their nature, want to seize time by the collar and stop it. However, we keep changing inevitably, whether we want to or not. Once we notice these changes in our body as a result of various reasons, we immediately start looking for a solution.

Be sure that it is now very simple to find almost perfect solutions to your problems. You may be going through undesirable times when you don’t find yourself beautiful, you may feel joyless, and you may change. It will be good for both your body and soul to act with a little bit more courageously to get rid of that captivity. We asked Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Vasfi Çelik about what you are curious about genital aesthetics.

Can you tell us about genital aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics refers to the procedure intended to correct the parts of the external genital organs and bring them into conformity with each other. Incompatibility of the parts with each other usually causes an aesthetic problem. We correct this incompatibility with surgery.

In which situations should a person consider having vaginal cosmetic surgery?

In general, women who want to feel better and more confident in their sex life can have vaginal cosmetic surgery. Women who want vaginal tightening, elimination of vaginal problems, elimination of some congenital anomalies in the vagina and genital organs or correction of vaginal deformities that occur in the later period can consider this surgical procedure by consulting their doctors.

We call it genital aesthetics, but can you tell us what exactly this procedure covers and what stages it consists of?

Aesthetic and functional correction of the vaginal, inguinal and labial deformities in women constitutes the application area of genital aesthetics. It includes labia minora reduction, restoration and reduction of the labia majora, fat injection, vaginal tightening, and hymen repair. 

Can anyone have this operation?

Any adult woman can have aesthetic genital plastic surgery. This operation certainly does not prevent getting pregnant, having sexual intercourse or achieving orgasm.

Can we say that it has a positive effect on sex life?

Of course we can. It has been observed that after the procedure, the sex life improves, the people become happier, and their relations go in the right direction. For this reason, surgical operations can be life-saving for people with this type of problems and related consequential psychological problems in particular.

How long do genital plastic surgeries take?

Genital plastic surgeries are performed under general or local anesthesia. The duration of surgery may differ from case to case because sometimes a single procedure and sometimes a combination of several procedures can be performed depending on the patient’s condition. I can say that it takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on the extent of the operation.

Can you also talk about the recovery period?

Patients are discharged the same day after surgery. We recommend our patients to be meticulous about regular dressing and hygiene in the postoperative period. Patients can resume their daily lives immediately after the operation.

Does this apply to sexual intercourse as well?

No. We recommend our patients to start having intercourse about 1 month after the operation. In this way, the desired aesthetic appearance is achieved in the region in a shorter time and satisfactory results are obtained for both patients and their partners.

Lastly, what would you like to recommend to women who want to have this surgical procedure?

First of all, the patient’s complaints and her expectations from the procedure are evaluated comprehensively. This reveals how important physician-patient communication is. The patient should completely express her expectation, and the physician should give all the details about the pre- and post-operative periods.

Genital Aesthetic Prices

The price of genital aesthetic operations vary depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure, the clinical environment where the operation will be done, and the quality of the materials that will be used in the operation. You can call our clinic to get detailed information and  make an appointment.

Genital Aesthetics in Turkey

Turkey offers you a fascinating experience with its thousands of years of history, unique nature and delicious food and beverages. For genital aesthetics in Turkey, please check our health tourism page and see how easy & fast the processes can be. You can also check out our page about places to visit in Mersin.