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What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

The procedure called “Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)” or “Brazilian Buttock Lift” is intended to enable individuals to have fuller and rounder buttocks. In this procedure, the person’s own fat tissues taken using the liposuction technique are injected into the buttocks area. In this way, both the waist area of the person becomes slimmer and the buttocks look shapelier.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Individuals with flat and small buttocks are the most suitable candidates for Brazilian butt lift. However, candidates who want to have Brazilian butt lift must have adequate amount of regional fat. In addition, candidates should have sufficient skin elasticity and sagging buttock. Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed to both men and women.

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • It makes the lower parts of the body look fuller.
  • It helps reduce excess fat deposits in other parts of the body and thus enables individuals to get a better appearance.
  • Making the clothes fit well, it enables individuals to have an aesthetically nicer, more eye-pleasing appearance.
  • It provides balance between the upper and lower body.

Surgical Process

Brazilian butt lift consists of 3 basic steps. First, fat is removed from the predetermined regions of the person with the liposuction procedure. Secondly, the removed regional fat is purified and prepared for transfer. Finally, the fat tissues ready for transfer are injected into the predetermined regions in the buttocks. Some of the injected fat tissues can melt in the first stage. If needed, the procedure can be repeated at least 6 months later.

The procedure is performed in an operating room and under hospital conditions. Since the procedure is performed under general anesthesia from start to finish, it is completed painlessly. The procedure takes about 3 to 5 minutes. The patient can be discharged from the hospital after 1 or 2 days, depending on the extent of the operation.

Postoperative Period

After the operation, the patient feels a very low level of pain that can be relieved easily with painkillers. The patient who has undergone the operation should not sit directly on her buttocks and should avoid lying on her back for a period of at least 2 weeks after the operation. Then, if the specialist physician deems appropriate, it will be possible to sit using a donut-shaped cushion.  From the 6th postoperative week, it will be possible for the person to sit normally.

Is the Result of the Procedure Permanent?

As a result of the surgery, the desired appearance may appear after about 6 months. Fat cells transferred to the buttocks with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, which do not melt, can remain unchanged for years. However, in cases where the patient gain or lose too much weight, the appearance of the buttocks may be affected. Therefore, it is of great importance for the patient to maintain her weight.

Brezilian Butt Lift Prices

The price of brezilian butt lift operations vary depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure, the clinical environment where the operation will be done, and the quality of the materials that will be used in the operation. You can call our clinic to get detailed information and  make an appointment.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Turkey offers you a fascinating experience with its thousands of years of history, unique nature and delicious food and beverages. For brazilian butt lift in Turkey, please check our health tourism page and see how easy & fast the processes can be. You can also check out our page about places to visit in Mersin.