woman having a Breast Reduction

What is breast reduction surgery?

Large breasts that don’t match the body size can develop in women, due to various genetic factors, hormonal changes or certain diseases. Sagging breasts, as a result of large sizes, can cause many problems in women. The most common ones among these problems are back pain, neck pain, hump, respiratory problems, intertrigo in the inframammary region, restricted daily physical activities, difficulties in choosing clothes, etc. In addition to these, excessively large breasts lead to social and psychological problems by causing the person to feel unattractive.

The breast reduction procedure is intended to give the breasts a natural appearance. As a result, the problems listed above are eliminated, the person’s life becomes easier, and it becomes possible for her to lead a happier life.

Are you a suitable candidate for breast reduction?

Women who congenitally have large breasts, women whose breast tissue have grown after pregnancy or excessive weight gain, and women with asymmetric breasts are the most suitable candidates for breast reduction.

Preoperative period

Things to do before surgery can be listed as blood tests, lung radiography, mammography, and breast ultrasonography (if necessary). During your face-to-face interview with your surgeon, you should discuss some conditions such as high blood pressure, smoking, drug habits and diabetes. However, smoking should be stopped at least 3 weeks before the operation, in order to minimize the post-operative risks.

Surgical process

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Breast reduction operations may take 2 to 4 hours. With breast reduction surgery, larger breast tissues are reshaped in accordance with the body size of the person. The excess breast tissue and the skin on it are removed and then the nipple is repositioned in the place where it should be. The degree of postoperative scars may differ depending on the size of the breast, the surgical procedure performed, and the scarring character of the patient’s skin. It is possible to stay in the hospital for a period of 1 to 3 days after the surgery, depending on your surgeon’s recommendation.

Postoperative Period

Postoperative pain is usually at the minimal level. The patient’s ability to move her arms gets restricted.

The breasts are wrapped with a bra-like bandage or a bra is worn immediately after the operation. Usually, pipes called drains are inserted into both breasts, and they are removed after 24 to 72 hours. A separate dressing is placed on the nipple, which is opened to check the breasts after 2 days. The dressings are opened 7 days after the operation. The patient is asked to wear a sports bra for about 6 weeks and massage is recommended. Swelling, nipple numbness and purplish discoloration on the skin may occur in the early postoperative period. However, these are effects that disappear spontaneously in a short time.

The patient can return to work after 1 week. It is recommended to avoid heavy sports for a period of 3 months. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that generally gives good and lasting results, facilitates the patient’s dressing style, and makes the patient more devoted to life. New reshaped breasts maintain their form for a long time; however, weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity may lead to an increase in the volume of the breasts and new cases of sagging.

Breast reduction surgery that enables the person to look aesthetically more pleasing can also provide a healthier life. Removal of breast tissue has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer to some extent.

Does breast reduction surgery affect breastfeeding?

The technique chosen and the size of the breasts are of great importance in terms of protecting the lactation function. It is not possible to find a definite and clear answer to this question but it will be possible for you to get a reliable answer after your examination and face-to-face interview with your surgeon.

Breast Reduction Prices

The prices of breast reduction operations vary depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure, the clinical environment where the operation will be done, and the quality of the materials that will be used in the operation. You can call our clinic to get detailed information and  make an appointment.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Turkey offers you a fascinating experience with its thousands of years of history, unique nature and delicious food and beverages. For breast reduction in Turkey, please check our health tourism page and see how easy & fast the processes can be. You can also check out our page about places to visit in Mersin.