What is leg liposuction?

With the liposuction technique, it is possible to aesthetically eliminate excess fat deposits in the upper and lower leg regions, which are resistant to diet programs and intense fat burning exercises targeting these regions. Liposuction can be performed for the purpose of slimming down the upper or lower leg region, depending on the location of the excess fat deposits.

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Are you a suitable candidate for leg liposuction?

Leg liposuction can be performed on any individual over 18 years of age who has thick legs and feels uncomfortable due to this problem. Particularly people with gait disorders due to the thick legs are suitable candidates for this procedure. However, as with any surgical operation, whether the person is suitable for leg liposuction can be ascertained in the healthiest way after the surgeon examines the patient.

Preoperative Period

As with all other surgical procedures, the patient should stop alcohol consumption and smoking at least 3 weeks before the date of surgery to accelerate the post-operative recovery and minimize the surgical risks. The patient should also stop taking blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin before the operation.

Surgical Process

The areas planned for liposuction are marked before the operation so that the procedure can be performed in the right locations. Then, a special solution containing local anesthetic that dissolves the fat and provides regional numbness is injected into the relevant areas.


In leg liposuction (Vaser, Laser, Lipomatic), first special-frequency sound waves are used to liquefy the fat tissue, and then the liquefied fat tissue is sucked out of the area through very thin cannulas. At this point, the most important thing is that this procedure is less likely to cause edema and allows for faster recovery, because it ensures the protection of the surrounding tissues, vessels and lymph channels to the maximum extent from beginning to end.

Postoperative Period

Vaser Liposuction allows for rapid recovery after surgical leg slimming. Edema that develops in the legs in the first few postoperative weeks, resolves in a short time. It is recommended to wear a liposuction corset (post-op. compression corset) for a period of about 3 weeks after leg liposuction. These types of corsets are used to limit edema and contribute to the rapid reshaping of the legs. It is possible to return to desk jobs about 7 to 10 days after leg liposuction.

Leg Liposuction Prices

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Leg Liposuction (Leg Slimming) in Turkey

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