What is Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty)?

Beauty is an important concept that people have considered very important from the earliest times to the present day, which differs from geography to geography but has some common features and criteria. Eye beauty is the most important one among these common criteria. It is a general opinion that having attractive eyes is an indispensable criterion of being a beautiful woman or a handsome man.

Fox eye lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to make the eyes look bigger and more slanted and make the face look younger and more dynamic by lifting the lower and upper eyelids with surgical and non-surgical medical interventions. This procedure that has become popular in recent years after being preferred by the world-renowned Hollywood celebrities is also known as “Cat eyes, Bella eyes and Almond eyes. The shape called fox eye that is generally tried to be achieved with cosmetic products is also achieved permanently with this surgical procedure.

beutiful woman having a fox eye lift canthoplasty

How is a Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty) Operation Performed?

Today, with the development of different surgical techniques in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, interventions intended to reshape the eyes have become among the most popular aesthetic procedures.  Fox eye lift can be performed with a surgical or non-surgical intervention, depending on the anatomical structure of the patient’s eye.

The surgical fox eye lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia to anesthetize the surgical site. No pain is felt during the operation. The procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Minimal incisions are made in the scalp, and then the ligaments at the outer edges of the eyes are pulled up through these incisions and are fixed on the bones in the incision sites. As a result, the eyes look more slanted and become more noticeable. The procedure lives no scar because it involves minimal incisions and sutures hidden in the scalp.

The non-surgical fox eye lift procedure, on the other hand, is performed with a technique called “Fox Eye Thread lift or French Suspension”. This procedure involves no incision. After the medical threads are placed around the eyes subcutaneously, the outer corners of the eyes ares lifted pulling the threads, in such a way as to achieve fox eye look, and then the threads are fixed on suitable points around the eyes. The fox eye thread lift (thread suspension) procedure that takes about 30 to 45 minutes does not prevent facial expressions and the permanence of its results lasts many years.

Who can have fox eye lift (Canthoplasty) ?

Any individual over 18 years of age can have this procedure, if his or her general health condition as well as face and eye structures are found to be anatomically suitable by the physician after a detailed examination and interview.

Does fox eye lift (Canthoplasty) cause damage to the eyes?

The main method in fox eye lift is to slightly change the inclination of the eyelids. Therefore, when performed by an experienced physician who have comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of the eyes and the surrounding tissues and muscles, successful and healthy results are achieved, and it doesn’t cause permanent damages to the eyes or any condition that may lead to vision impairment.

What is the Preoperative Period of Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty) ?

Regardless of the reason for performing the fox eye lift procedure, first the physician examines the facial contours of the individual and the anatomical structure of his or her eyes in detail, and then plans the surgical operation accordingly. On the day of the surgery, the patient should use any chemicals to clean her face and should not put on make-up.

When is a Patient Discharged After a Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty) ?

The patient can be discharged the same day after surgery.

How is the Postoperative Period of Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty) ?

Immediately after the operation, slight swelling, redness and very mild pain can be felt in the face, severity of which may vary from patient to patient depending on their structure. At the discretion of the physician, the surgery is ended using self-dissolving sutures or sutures which need to be removed within a week on average. The patient can take a shower on the second or third postoperative day. The recovery period varies from patient to patient, but it takes 10 to 15 days on average. In the first postoperative days, the patient should not apply any cosmetic or medical product to the eye area, should not apply make-up, and should pay attention to eye hygiene.

Is the Result of Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty) Permanent?

Although young and middle-aged individuals begin to have sagging skins around their eyes over time due to the effect of aging, long-lasting results can be obtained with endoscopic eyebrow lift and eye lift operations performed within the scope of fox eye lift. In cases where the patient does not find the result satisfactory after the recovery period, the surgery can be repeated if the physician deems appropriate.

Fox Eye Lift (Canthoplasty) Prices

The price of fox eye lift operations vary depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure, the clinical environment where the operation will be done, and the quality of the materials that will be used in the operation. You can call our clinic to get detailed information and  make an appointment.

Fox Eye Lift – Canthoplasty in Turkey

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